Part 1: Why I Decided to do the Medical Medium 3:6:9 Liver Rescue Cleanse

First, I’ll start out by saying that I’m not really a fan of cleanses - I hate being hungry! And I believe in cleansing the body in different ways. Like going completely sugar free, including all natural sugar, so that the body can rest. Or eliminating all processed food and cooking from scratch for a week, to again, give the body a rest. I also believe in intermittent fasting as a way to cleanse the body. There are so many ways we can cleanse, without restricting ourselves from food, which in turn creates unstable blood sugar levels, hunger pains and temporary results. 

So when this cleanse came across my path, I was skeptical. It definitely wasn’t an immediate yes. I reviewed the cleanse information (and found it wasn’t a juice cleanse or food restrictive), researched it some more, and then sat with the information for a while to see how it felt. Then I read about other people’s experiences with the cleanse, read the Liver Rescue book and eventually decided it was something I wanted to try. I know it was a lot of research but that’s just what I do before diving into something new like this!

Why was I interested in doing the cleanse?

Over the last few years, I have been experiencing shingles on the right side of my back. Along with the rash from time to time, I experience fatigue and inflammation, which sometimes causes puffiness, weight fluctuations and inconsistent energy overall. And depending on how severe the flare is, it can interfere with living my life to the fullest. I experienced that once before with my Ankylosing Spondylitis and you know me, I am all about taking back control! 

In order to take back control, I'm always look for new ways to address the issue by getting to the root, and well the Medical Medium is speaking my language. I’ve been following his work now for a few years, but took a deep dive into it over the last year and a half. Gut health and liver health has always been important to me and I know this is the how we heal the root. And this is exactly what this cleanse addresses. I have learned so much during this process from the Medical Medium, especially about liver health.

What exactly is the cleanse?

The cleanse itself is called the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 cleanse. 

Essentially it is a way for the body to systematically cleanse itself of toxins and is broken down into three phases. The three. The six. And the nine. Each phase represents a phase of liver detoxification. And by the end, you will have eliminated things that tax the liver so that it can focus on one job, ridding your body of toxins (like viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens) and helping you heal. 

During the cleanse you follow a structured way of eating that eliminates fats and allows the liver to get into full detox mode. You can eat as much as you want within the prescribed protocol and you will not be hungry. The final day of the cleanse is actually a juice day and no food, but due to the types of juices chosen, you will not be hungry and your blood sugar will stay stable. 

More information about the cleanse here, including the structured protocol. 

Who created the cleanse?

The cleanse was created by Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium. You can read more about him here. But in short, he is a health advocate who receives information from spirit about what causes disease in the body and how to heal it. He is the founder of the celery juice movement, the creator of lemon water upon rising, the heavy metal detox smoothie and the 3:6:9 liver rescue cleanse, among many other things. If this is your first introduction to Anthony Williams, try to have an open mind. And know that while you may not embrace everything about him right away, in time, the more you are exposed to him, the more you will welcome the principles he teaches. And the more intuitive they will feel to you. 

Should you do the cleanse?

You have nothing to lose honestly. This cleanse will not hurt you. Instead it will build your strength, your determination, and you will gain a serious sense of accomplishment in the end. It will also give you some positive side effects like increased energy, clearer skin, a sense of gratitude for the food you eat, a spiritual experience, a release of toxins, and a very happy liver. 

Of course this is a personal decision but if you have a health condition, specifically anything categorized as an autoimmune disease, if you are fighting any type of virus, or if you just don’t know what is wrong and you want to heal - this is a very big step in the right direction. 

Are you familiar with the Medical Medium? Do you follow any of his principles for healing? Let us know what you're doing!

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