Clean eating doesn't have to be hard.

The Healthy Curator makes it simple.

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It's the fastest way to break old, unhealthy food patterns AND create new healthy, habits.

You lead a busy, fast paced life!

Between work, family obligations, and trying to get dinner on the table, you're fresh out of time and energy to make a meal plan, let alone decide what to put on that meal plan. 

So it's easy to get caught in unhealthy food patterns. 

Let's not even add in the fatigue you may be experiencing due to health issues like digestive upsets, autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, mystery symptoms, headaches, skin rashes, and the one we all want to do away with - LEAKY GUT! 

It's even harder to break patterns when you're tired!

But you know food is important. And you really want....

          ✔️to eat clean

          ✔️to make a change

          ✔️to minimize processed food

          ✔️to figure out how to eat healthier

          ✔️to know what foods to choose to support your goals

          ✔️to avoid foods such as gluten that could trigger your health conditions

          ✔️to make meal planning a habit, so that you can make this ALL happen

          ✔️to be introduced to indulgences that won't make you feel guilty or sick (think snacks, desserts, wine and cocktails)


You are ready to make the commitment to your health.

You are ready to make yourself a priority.

And that's where I come in.

Let me handle the meal planning.

Let me curate the information & products you need.

So you can spend more time, living life to the fullest, with those you love.

The Healthy Curator is designed to simplify meal planning,

eliminate the overwhelm of deciding what to eat,

and inspire you with fresh, new recipe ideas!

Included with your membership to The Healthy Curator:

Weekly Meal Plans ($500 value)

(weekly meal planning sessions $125)

No more wondering, what's for dinner? NOW dinner is all planned for you. Each week you will receive a meal plan with 5 brand new, curated, clean & simple dinner recipes.  Plus you get a shopping list AND a prep plan for your produce.


5 Day Meal Plan

There is a mix between animal based meals, and completely plant based meals, with options to revise for any dietary preference.

Timesaving Prep Plan

A plan to help you prep your produce before the weeks starts, so it is ready when you are during the week.

Healthy Shopping List

Save time by bringing this list to the grocery store OR getting everything you need delivered via Amazon Prime.

Clean Eating Recipes

All curated recipes are naturally gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free AND minimize processed ingredients. 

Plus, these amazing bonuses included with your membership:

Access to My Clean Eating Kitchen 

(cannot be purchased anywhere else)

The hardest part about eating clean is finding healthy packaged food that makes cooking easier. Ingredient label reading is hard and time consuming, which is why I've done the work for you. In "My Clean Eating Kitchen" you will have access to clean, curated brand recommendations, with label reading research done for you. 

The Meal Planning 101, Starter Program ($49 value)

In this program, I teach you the foundations of meal planning so you can use the recipes within the HC to develop your own meal plans, if desired. You will learn how to incorporate one of my favorite meal planning tools to be able pick and choose what you want to eat each week, while creating a shopping list in seconds. And you will learn meal prepping strategies to help you maximize the lifespan of your produce each week. This is one way to begin building new healthy habits, so you can break old food patterns. 

The Build Your Clean Eating Kitchen, Starter Program ($99 value)

Learning how to eat clean takes time. Now that you have your dinner planned, you can use some of the extra time to build your knowledge base. In this program, I teach you the clean eating standard, how to choose clean produce, how to choose clean animal products, how to choose clean seafood, how to choose clean packaged food, and how to do a kitchen sweep and begin adding in clean foundational ingredients, plus helpful tools and equipment. This is another excellent way to begin building new healthy habits, so you can break old food patterns. 

A Community of Likeminded, Healthy Foodies (priceless)

There is absolutely nothing better than traveling this path with others. When healthy foodies get together, the energy created is contagious. We are all talking the same language and after the same goals. This community is supportive, kind and caring and I love being a part of it. 

Still curious! Take a peek inside the membership.


Hey! I'm Jessica, aka The Healthy Curator

When I embarked on my healing with food journey, I remember feeling very alone, overwhelmed, lost and confused. I had committed to healing my autoimmune condition with food which meant two things at the time.

One - I needed to release gluten from my diet. And two - I needed to eat clean and reduce my toxic load.

I wanted so badly to have a likeminded mentor to work with, someone to bounce ideas off of and get new ideas - because there were things I certainly didn't know, I didn't know!

I wanted a community of people like me, going through what I was going through and people I could feel safe asking questions.

I needed knowledge, because like I said, I didn't know what I didn't know. The education component took me a long time to figure out.

And I needed someone to pull it all together for me, to make things easier with recipes, meal plans and shopping lists! 

Which is exactly why I created The Healthy Curator! To fill a gap that I believe still exists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! I want to save you time and encourage you to stay on track with simple, straightforward recipes. Many of the recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less. I love adding one pan meals or one pot meals to menu to keep it easy. And with the produce prep plan each week, you will have your meals on the table in no time. 

NO WAY!!! Just because you are choosing to eat clean does not mean you can't indulge and enjoy snacks, sweets, wine, cocktails, etc. In the membership I show you how to choose options that will align with your clean eating goals. AND I give you access to "My Clean Eating Kitchen" with brand recommendations for healthy snacks and desserts, as well as natural wine companies and clean spirits to craft cocktails. 

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! These recipes are naturally void of those things (so you may naturally eat a little less of those things) but you can totally adjust according to your needs. 

So if you include dairy in your diet, then use regular dairy when a recipe calls for cheese or milk. I provide options for those that cannot eat dairy and to help those eating dairy free find the best, cleanest options.

Your weekly meal plan is released every Friday in the membership portal so you can get started with plenty of time for the week ahead. 

The weekly meal plans are not vegan so they may not fit your needs if that's what you are looking for. They typically contain 3 animal based recipes and 2 plant based recipes (vegan/veg). However in the recipe notes included in each recipe you will find ingredient swaps that you can use to adjust each recipe accordingly. 

This is what I specializes in my friends! Believe it or not, the weekly menus are naturally gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. If you have another allergy please reach out with questions and I could help better guide you. 

This is a one time purchase. There are no refunds for this purchase. 


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