How to Build a Healing Team of Likeminded Practitioners

healing team Sep 15, 2018


As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Healing the body is no exception. When we seek out a team of like minded practitioners, a village, to support us on our journey, we can get to the root of the issue, and heal, once and for all.

But who should you choose to put on your healing team? That’s a great question.

Below is a framework of people you might consider adding to your team. For each role, seek out recommendations from friends and family first. Make an appointment and try the practitioner “for size.” Notice how the connection feels with that person. If it’s a good fit, keep working together. If not, remember they can still teach you something. Look for the lesson, the knowledge, the understanding each person can give you. Then keep going.

Choosing your people is a critical part of your journey and while it isn’t always easy to find the one, it will make or break your healing success. Choose wisely -- intuitively.


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